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Looking ahead to Fashion Week!

Marihenny Rivera Pasible

It’s upon us again islandistas! Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week is here and that means we are on the hunt once again for islandista fabulousness and style. We’ll be looking out for islandistas like Jourdan Dunn, Melodie Monrose and…

So basically twerking is wukking up?

Now it's called twerking.
(L-R - Denyse 'Saucy Wow' Belfon, dancers i Bumaye video, Miley Cyrus)

So twerking has been in the news a lot recently…thanks for that Miley Cyrus. The rise of twerking culminated (or crashed depending on which direction you’re coming from) with Miley’s dreadful VMAs performance last week. Oxford Dictionary added it to…