Islandistas “Dare To Be Risqué” Daresqué

by Michelle Bridgeman

At first glance Latoya Daniel may seem like the type of person you wouldn’t want to mess with, and though this bodes true, this tough persona just makes it all that harder to see the amazing personality within. Latoya who is CEO and Founder of Daresqué (pronounced: day-rees-k) took a stroll on The Boatyard Beach with Islandista’s Michelle Bridgeman as they chatted about the line of swimsuits and what to expect in the near future.

Michelle: We are with Latoya Daniel, CEO, Founder of Daresqué. Tell us what was the idea behind doing this line of swimsuits.

Latoya: The idea behind it is that the swimsuits represent a bold, daring, confident female. For years I used to wear my own bikinis that I designed and it was just for fun, and everyone would keep asking me where I got my swimsuits from, where did you buy it, so when I said I designed them and they liked the concept, I decided to share it and make the brand available to the public. So once you’re confident, you’re bold, you’re daring you Dare To Be Risqué.

Daresque founder Latoya Daniel (center) in her own design. (photo credit: LeeKee Photography)

Daresque founder Latoya Daniel (center) in her own design. (photo credit: LeeKee Photography)

Michelle: Are there any plans in the future to go outside of Barbados?

Latoya: I have already sent orders to Guadeloupe, Martinique, New York and St. Maarten actually and I have some going out to the UK next month and America as well. So definitely I hope to push a lot more international orders. My website is not up as yet, but I already had those international orders just through Facebook and Instagram. The use of social media is so good.

Michelle: You have gone outside of Barbados, do you plan to launch elsewhere because you would have had your launch, when was it?

Latoya: The launch was April 17th right here on Boat Yard beach. I would like to do a launch and I am looking into it, I have a few contacts possibly Miami, had someone approach me about that. Someone approached me as well from the Virgin Islands to carry the line in their boutique and they wanted to do a launch as well. So I do hope that it comes through in the new future.

Michelle: Tell me about all of your lines of swimsuits that are out right now and which one is your summer line if it has come out already.

Latoya: The lines which are out now are: Skin which is the black and skin tone; there is Fireworks, which is the [multi-coloured] swimsuits, then we have the all black which are called Wide Awake and the white Unconditional. There are also the Caribbean swimsuits which have the Barbados flag’s colours in it. Those are mostly what I am working with right now but sometimes some of my customers as for an individual, unique something so I would give them a different color or style. In the Islandista shoot we shot in the purple and no one really saw the purple, that is something new I am bringing out very shortly.Look out for a new line, I am not going to tell you as yet; she laughs, but I have a new color and a new line and concept coming out very soon in October.


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Michelle: You would have mentioned the Caribbean line which has in the Barbados flag colors, has the possibility to do a swimsuit for each Caribbean island passed through your mind?

Latoya: Yes actually. I have the Trinidad swimsuit and the Jamaica at present. I had some orders for the Trini swimsuit for the Crop Over season and the Barbados swimsuit is quite popular. The Jamaica style I intend to do a two-piece to that [as] more people like to be more risqué and that one was a little more covered.
She jokes that her other friends in different Caribbean islands ask where is my country, “So I will definitely have to add some more countries in the near future.”

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  1. Harriette Bauman
    June 26, 2016 at 1:51 pm

    I am looking for a one piece swim suit with the Barbados flag colors or a two piece high waisted with the colors for the ending of July

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