Jourdan Dunn shares her teenaged insecurity in insightful new interview: “I’d look in the mirror and hate myself”

Jourdan walked the Jean-Paul Gaultier show when she was 6 months pregnant. Photo credit:

Jourdan walked the Jean-Paul Gaultier show when she was 6 months pregnant. Photo credit:

In a wide-ranging and really insightful interview with The UK Guardian’s new magazine The Fashion, our favourite islandista model Jourdan Dunn got raw and real about becoming a teen mom, racism in the fashion industry and how insecure she felt about her tall, thin frame as a young girl.

On racism in the industry:

“I wanted to make a point [with her controversial tweet about how she’s been cancelled for shows for being ‘coloured’] but not a dig. Girls get cancelled last minute all the time, but at least it wasn’t because of my skin tone. Which I often get in Paris. I feel like the people who should be talking about it, and who can make a difference, aren’t. All I can do is talk. The people higher than me – the stylists, the designers, the casting directors – they’re the ones with the power to change this. That’s where the conversation needs to happen – at big-dog level. The people who control the industry. They say if you have a black face on a magazine cover it won’t sell, but there’s no real evidence for that. It’s lazy. You always hear ‘there aren’t enough black models’, which is BS. It’s all about these dead excuses.”

On getting pregnant at 19:

My advice to young women thinking about babies? Wait. [On not getting an epidural at her mum's insistence.] She said I should feel the pain! I was so angry she was robbing me of my first ever chance to have drugs! You don’t forget the pain. People lie, OK?”

On being stricken with body image issues as a teen:

“I was self-conscious of being so lanky, of being me. I’d keep my head down, make excuses not to go out. I’d look in the mirror and hate myself. I thought I was disgusting. I cried constantly from 11 to 16.”

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