Zoe Saldana sports a hit and miss at Berlin premiere of Star Trek

We’re in two minds about this Balmain outfit which islandista favourite Zoe Saldana wore to the Berlin premiere of the latest Star Trek movie…which is kind of fitting because the dress itself seems to be in two minds about what it wants to be.

At the front and top, it’s a beautifully embellished and almost demure outfit with its long sleeves and prim, almost-high neckline covering it all up.

But then hark! She turns around and it’s a tough, biker chick type outfit with this leather, zippered back. Huh?

And then the tulip skirt at bottom is having a bit of a crisis with the tulip fold falling riiiight by the crease of Zoe’s thighs – a little risque considering how demure the outfit is at top. Also risque considering that the runway look went with dark pants – probably to avoid precisely this kind of peekaboo situation.


It’s not quite a miss but it’s not one of Zoe’s usual hits either.

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