Shame and scandal in de family…

…As reports emerged yesterday that a soca star’s relative is facing a charge of sexual assault.

It didn’t take too long to figure it all out as the Trinidad Guardian reported that:

The husband of a popular soca star was arrested early yesterday morning and is expected to be charged for grievous sexual assault. The man, who spent last night at the Chaguanas Police Station, was arrested around 3 am yesterday at a house at Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas.Reports reveal that a woman who works with the entertainer was asleep at her home, when, around 2 am, she was awakened and found the man lying on the bed attempting to assault her.

That may have been opaque enough but if anyone was wondering whose husband it was, the Trinidad Express helped put two and two together with their report which identified who the singer was.


A relative of soca artiste Denise “Saucy Wow” Belfon is expected to be charged with grievous sexual assault against one of Belfon’s dancers. … The woman did not raise an alarm but made her way to Chaguanas Police Station, where she lodged a report.

Ooh! I see what both papers did there – tried to hold back at least a bit to tread lightly. But each gave away enough to give us the whole story. Awkward.

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