Jourdan Dunn’s new cooking show is HERE!

If you’ve been following Islandista for a while, you will know that there are a few things we love.

Feathers on Carnival costume headpieces.

Origami-like folds on clothes (yep, still).

Rihanna (sighhhh… yep, still).

And we LOVE Miss Jourdan Dunn! To use the Trini parlance – dat is our rell gyul!

So it’s no surprise that we heart her new cooking show on Jay-Z’s Life + Times channel.

It is everything we love about Jourdan.

Funny – like when she’s smashing the garlic and advising you to pretend it’s an ex-boyfriend.

Irreverent – like when she’s cheekily hinting at what the coconut milk resembles.

And most of all – it’s full islandista! Of COURSE the first episode would be dedicated to her cooking jerk pork and some good old rice and peas.

Because that’s just how our girl Jourdan rolls. Caribbean and proud.

We love it!

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