Would you?

Well? Would you?

Saw this yesterday on the Facebook page of Bajantube Рa super popular Barbadian entertainment/video upload site and it definitely gave me pause!

I stopped, scrolled back up and my jaw dropped. It’s like a social studies project on Barbados tatted on her back – from the flag to the map to the national flower (Pride of Barbados, just so ya know).

I thought two things:

1) That HAS to be a Bajan living overseas – West Indians living outside of the region have a particular depth of emotion and sentimentality for their island homes that you don’t neccesarily have when you’re living here.

2) Owwwwww! I have two teeny little tats and those stung – I can’t imagine¬†her pain threshold!

Comment is divided. Some are lauding it as the ultimate show of patriotism while others say it’s just too much.

Your thoughts, islandistas?

1 comment for “Would you?

  1. janelle
    April 9, 2012 at 11:53 pm

    That is my back. I love tattoos and wanted to put something on me that I would never regret.I also have my middle name on my breast. Yup I lived in Toronto for most of mylife and I have now moved back home

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