Inside look at Rihanna with touching family video

Awww! We really loved this touching family home video of Rihanna and her family that was posted for American Thanksgiving Day.

Narrated by her mentor Jay-Z, it shows a ‘home-ish’ looking Ri-ri chatting with her mother, little brother Rajad and her “gran-gran”.

Our favourite part? Rihanna’s mother Monica telling Rajad that he can’t just coast when it comes to school, with the reprimand “No Facebook! Textbook!”.


Also interesting to us is how the family’s varying accents show a really Caribbean story of migration back and forth. I’m sure Guyanese will be pleased to hear that Monica’s GT accent is still thick as ever, despite living in her parents’ native Barbados for nearly 40 years. But the accent of her Barbados-born mother is not very Guyanese at all. And Rihanna’s is still 100% Bajan despite her years living in the U.S. and travelling the world.


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