‘I Am An Islandista’ featuring Allysen Layne

One of Allysen's creations - very islandista with the seascape and dolphins!

Today, we feature yet another fabulous and fascinating Caribbean woman in our ‘I Am An Islandista’ series.

This time, it’s Barbadian baker Allysen Layne, who is the force behind Edible Expressions.

Just in case you didn’t know it – cakes are one of the hottest food trends these days. But of course, I’m sure you guys watch your Food Network and know that!

In recent years, everything from cake pops to cupcakes to over-the-top designer cakes have captured our attention and gone mainstream. They are the perfect combination of  appealing to our sweet tooth and appealing to our sense of whimsy.

And Allysen Layne is among a rising tide of young Barbadian bakers bringing this trend ‘home’ with her fantastic creations.

Allysen Layne of Edible Expressions

And we’ve got her right here – in her own words – on Islandista!

Read on and enjoy!


Islandista: …Is Allysen Layne?

Allysen Lane: I would say that I am a fun loving gal who enjoys the simple pleasures of life. Eg: sunsets, books, and chocolates.

Is: …Has most influenced what you’re doing now?
A.L.:I would have to say my family.  I grew up seeing my mother and my grandmother  baking. My mom was a homemaker for most of my childhood and there was not an afternoon that I came home from school and not find cookies and some other treat waiting for me. My dad bought me my first recipe book and he gave me a professional mixer as a graduation present from University.

Is: …Is an islandista to you?

A.L. : I think the islandista in me is young and stylish in a unique way that has embedded itself in all areas of my life leaving a signature touch. .

One of Allysen's fanciful cupcakes

Is:… Do you love most about your island?
A.L. : I love the natural elements of Barbados. Hearing the birds singing in the morning, seeing the lizards crawling across the walls, and watching the monkeys stealing fruit. I also love the informal attitude of my people. When travelling abroad and interacting with stoic reserved individuals, I enjoy coming back home and relishing in the island spirit.

Is: …Do you see yourself in five years? In ten years?
A.L. : Hmmm…where do I see myself in five years? Definitely more successful than I am now. I would like to see my business get to the point where I can have a store and can actually afford to hire people to help with the everyday operations. In ten years I hope to be married and happily working on getting a second child and enjoying being a homemaker.

Is: …Is your ‘happy place’?
A.L. : My happy place is in my kitchen doing what I love.

Is: …Do you call home?
A.L. : My parents’ house. I have lived there for about 20 years and it is completely off of the [electricity] grid, so when I go there hardly anyone can reach me. It is my safe haven.

Is: …You worry, what do you worry about?
A.L. : In the briefest of times that I do worry, I worry about my business and if I am doing things the right way. I also worry about my family and about what I can do to make them more comfortable.

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  1. marcus murphy
    November 11, 2011 at 10:18 pm

    Hi ally its me marcus,lol, yep, I’m following ur cakes, cupcakes, brownies whatever ur baking,”but then again you already know this”,lol. Oh & my niece ashley thank u with all her heart for her “Miss Teen Universal Cake”, she loves it soooooo much she doesn’t want to cut it or take the tiara from off the top of it, here’s to wishing u continuous excellence in ur awesome business & all your future Endeavors.

    Yours faithfully

    “Marcus always making u miserable for orders”, lol

    • November 26, 2012 at 12:28 am

      Thank you so much Marcus for your support. xoxo

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