Curfew done… did it work?

Curfew done!

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar announced the end of the hated curfew last night in Trinidad and Tobago, prompting wild celebration.

Kamla said that the curfew and state of emergency had achieved its effect and said law enforcement officers had brought the country back “from the brink of disorder and chaos.”

“When gang leaders tremble in fear, we have won. When the crime rate plummets, we have won. When guns and ammunition are removed from the streets that could have killed one more innocent man, woman or child, we have won. When one family can sleep better at night, we have won. When justice prevails, we have won. When illegal drugs are seized and destroyed and their operations shut down, we have won.”

I’d love to hear from my Trini islandistas on this – do you think TnT “won”? Did the SOE and curfew work?

1 comment for “Curfew done… did it work?

  1. TNH
    November 9, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    To me, curfew schmerfew…I am in bed by 11pm anyways most nights! :)
    But seriously, I am glad to see the curfew over, as I think most trinis are. And I think the business community can certainly breathe a sigh of relief to get back to some level of normalcy – particularly those who are directly or indirectly associated with our famous nightlife activity.
    Whether or not the SOE/curfew worked? Jury’s out on that for me cuz there is still conflicting communications as to what exactly the SoE/curfew was supposed to solve/achieve.

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