Highs and Lows of BB Fashion Week

Alexis Campbell was one of the breakout stars, winning Best Barbadian Designer.

Barbados’ main fashion showcase – BB Fashion Week, was held last weekend, with the fashionistas of Barbados turning out in full force for the various events.

The highlight of this year’s edition was the participation of Project Runway winner Christian Siriano on the final night. Elite Models also held a casting and Fashion TV UK covered – so definitely some higher profile participation this year.

However, some felt that the level of production wasn’t up to even the standards set last year.

In a balanced and succint review on Kurama, Mikey Rapley expressed his disappointment, saying:

“It would be unfair to expect the same level of production as last year (which was slightly overdone) with the weakened economy, however, this year was on the total opposite end of the spectrum. I would have definitely praised the production had this been any other fashion show in Barbados, but when you want to brand this as the premier fashion event of the island, then perhaps a balance of last year’s excessiveness and this year’s plainer motif would have been perfect.”

Despite that, there was still a lot to be praised in this year’s BB Fashion Week, with the emergence of hot new design talent being one. Click on over to Kurama Magazine for Rapley’s full review and more pix.


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