New day in Jamaica

Andrew Holness and wife Juliet. (Photo credit: Jamaica Gleaner)

Today is the big day in Jamaica  Рwhen Andrew Holness will go from Prime Minister-designate to di real ting.

He will also become the youngest Prime Minister ever in Jamaica and just beat out Dominica’s Roosevelt Skerrit by a month to become the youngest Prime Minister in the Caribbean.

At his side will be his wife Juliet Holness, who is a businesswoman and contractor and the mother of their two sons.

There is not much on the woman who is soon to be Jamaica’s leading lady – mostly social scene type articles with her at this event or the next. The main detail that is known is that she is his high school sweetheart, having also attended St. Catherine High with him.

Presumably that will change once Holness is sworn in.

Honestly, from where we stand it will be almost as interesting to see what Juliet makes of her new position as to see what Andrew makes of his.

The shift from old to new is palpable, with the Holnesses a full generation younger than the Goldings.

Gleaner columnist Kevin O’Brien Chang suggested that the couple could be “Jamaica’s Barack and Michelle”, using their position as a young and relatable ‘first family’ to set an example and “strengthen Jamaica’s too-often-weak family structures” – surely something worth thinking about in this Caribbean where several of our sitting PMs either aren’t married (Skerritt, Barbados’ Freundel Stuart) or rushed and married someone when they became or were about to become PM (King in St. Lucia, Barrow in Belize and… Jagdeo in Guyana).

We look forward to seeing what Juliet will do with her newfound platform.


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