Jourdan Dunn: ‘learn how to do black hair’

Oooh, talk de ting dem Jourdan!

On Monday, Jourdan Dunn tweeted from backstage at a show during Paris Fashion Week:

“I swear some people need to learn how to do black hair/skin.”

The succint tweet summed up what many black models have been saying for years – everyone from Iman to to Chanel Iman has complained about how it’s like many top hair stylists/make up artists aren’t even trying when it comes to black skin.

The tweet has gone viral, with New York Magazine and Jezebel picking it up among others.

Besides scrambling to figure out where the offending beauty folk were (either Ungaro or Giambattista Valli – the two shows she walked on Monday), people have been pondering the comment itself.

About half are cheering Jourdan’s forthrightness while others are saying “well, there are so few black models, what do you expect?”

What we personally expect is that if you are a ‘top’ hair stylist or make up artist, that you should know how to do all shades of skin – white, black and brown. Is that really too much to ask?

Others have fretted that Jourdan may be branded as ‘trouble’ and excluded for her candour. Perhaps she is emboldended by the fact that she has spoken out on race in fashion before and still thrived but Jourdan nah tek back her chat – the tweet is still there, four days later.


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