Follow SHE to Crop-Over! International press cover Ri-ri’s Crop-Over appearance

Lots of folks should be happy that Rihanna made it home for Crop-Over for the first time in years.

Rihanna herself of course – she do bad pun de road with Baje International, 6:30-ing, jonesing and of course wukking up stink.

The local photographers and videographers should be happy as clams, as their pics and vids of Rihanna’s antics clearly sold well.

Baje International should be pleased as anything – they really stepped back up their game this year with hot parties and hotter costumes and topped it off by getting Rihanna on their truck.

 But the Barbados Tourism Authority should be happiest of all because the international press can’t get enough!

Pics and video of Rihanna in the bright red and gold ‘Firefly’  frontline costume atop the Baje truck with a Barbados flag in her hand are everywhere – E! Online, MTV, Fox News, HuffPo, NY Daily News, Daily Mail, the Times of India are just some of the media sources covering it.

The coverage is pure marketing gold. The Philadelphia Inquirer said:

“Rihanna, 23, lit up her native Barbados like a Christmas tree Monday in a skimpy red bikini ‘n’ fishnet stockings outfit, capped by an explosion of neon-red feathers on her pate.”

The New York Daily News reported:

 “Sporting a jewel-encrusted bikini, fishnets, elaborate red garter belts and plenty of flashy jewelry, Rihanna, who serves as an official tourism ambassador for Barbados, danced on a float and with members of the crowd.”

And in an article that has garnered 525 comments already, the Daily Mail stated that:

“Rihanna was dressed in a louder than life attire as she took part in a traditional Bajan festival. The singer climbed aboard a float dressed in a cutaway bra top and a pair of tiny red pants flaunting her fabulous figure as she celebrated Kadooment Day.”

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