Yendi to the (Miss) universe … but some folks vex!

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The succint headline in the Jamaica Observer said volumes: ‘Yendi again’.

It was announcing that familiar face Yendi Phillips, the former Miss Jamaica World for 2007 (and Asafa Powell’s girlfriend) had won Miss Jamaica Universe.

Hardly any surprise since everyone knew Yendi was on a level above the other chicks in the competition.

Of course, it was hardly any surprise either that some folks are not pleased.

There is a virtual cyber-storm of comments on Socia Lingua’s congratulatory post on Facebook – 170 and counting, at time of this post.

Basically the jist of people’s criticism is that Yendi, having already won Miss Jamaica World, should ‘let other girls get a chance’ at Miss Jamaica Universe and that it’s not fair for her to have gone after both titles.

Now to this we say… would people have made all of this fuss if she didn’t win either contest? In the pageant world, particularly in the Caribbean, you tend to get the same crop of chicks competing in several of the different competitions.

So a chick might be Miss (name Caribbean city here) one year and then the next year step up and compete in Miss Carnival/Festival/Carival. And then the next year compete in Miss World if she’s doing better or Miss Caribbean Beach Beauty Tropical International if she’s not (I made that one up).

Point is, competing in multiple pageants over the years is far from unusual. It just so happens that Yendi won the ones she entered. Moreover, if she had won two minor beauty contests (like Miss Caribbean Beach Beauty Tropical International), I doubt anyone would business.  But she’s good enough to have won the two big ones.

It is just it go. If she is the best, she just is and since there is no rule preventing her from entering the two contests, we don’t quite see why people are so vex about it.


2 comments for “Yendi to the (Miss) universe … but some folks vex!

  1. Lorna Perkins
    July 6, 2010 at 11:08 am

    I agree. congrats yendi. i hope you and asafa will also eventually get married

  2. July 8, 2010 at 1:09 am

    I think people are upset because she was bigger than the competition and for her to return to it it made her seem hungry for attention and a crown.

    She will be a huge contender though

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