Jeneil, Sedene, Shena and Reina in Russian Vogue!

L-R-Reina, Jeneil and Sedene work it wid attitude. Photo credit: Terry Tsiolis for Russian Vogue

Ohmigosh, it’s a veritable flood of islandistas in Russian Vogue this month (do we see influential islandista Naomi’s hand in this?) with four islandistas featured in a hot spread by Terry Tsiolis.

And … we … LOVE  IT!

Shena and Jeneil alongside Aminata Naria.

Not just because it features four of the hottest islandistas in the game, including Jamaican superteens Shena and Sedene but the vibrancy and pure  ‘aaaattitude gal!’ spirit of the spread just jumps out at you.

In the lead pic with Reina, Jeneil and Sedene in orange, I all but expect to hear Sedene hollering out ‘raaaeeee! A wha do dem gyal deh!’

Sedene and Jeneil battle it out.

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