Barbados’ biggest Crop-Over bands launch!


Power x 4's selection of ladies costumes for Crop-Over 2010

Islandistas, I know it has been a minute – my apologies!

How could I abandon you, especially at a time like this when Barbados’ Crop-Over festival is now heading into full swing?

The last week has been the unofficial official start to the festival – Baje International launched last Friday, Power x 4 is officially launching this Saturday, Brewster’s Road Crew starting their fetes this Friday and Passion Network this Saturday!

Oh, and two of Power x 4’s sections are ALREADY sold out, after ‘early registration’ started on Monday.

Yeah-  is like da this Crop-Over.

Baje seeing real action too – they launched on Friday and by Saturday, the two Trini sections run by Island People and Tribe were sold out – had chicks in Bim scrambling to pull strings in TnT to get into the sections. Mind you, we never hear of Trinis having to pull strings any place else to get costumes in dey own island but dem must know …

Take a look at our faves in each band after the cut…

As we said, two of Px4’s sections have already sold out – the brilliant green and blue Parrotfish was the first to go, followed by the pink and orange Sea Anemone. 

Px4- Parrotfish

 However, our fave is the purple and pink Violet Starfish costume.

Px4 - Violet Starfish

When it comes to Baje’s costumes, we have one major gripe – when we heard a name like ‘free to fly’ the first thing we thought was “goodie! gorgeous wing-like arm pieces” – which islandista readers would know by now is a costume weakness of ours, second only to (say it all together now) lavishly feathered headpieces.

But lo! Not a single wing. Not one. Aside from hovercraft and helicopters (certain never to be costume themes) don’t all flying things have wings? Bitterly disappointed we are.

The closest we got to wings was the very sexy Free to Fly frontline costume – though Baje seemed to be specifically trying to make it up to me by having lots and lots and lots of feathers on this costume.

Baje free to fly frontline

 Tempting but I would have preferred real wings.

The Trini sections making chicks lose their minds and dial 868 numbers on repeat are the sexy green and purple Heaven to Earth by Tribe and the ok Silver Smoke by Island People.

Baje- Heaven to Earth by Tribe

Baje - Silver Smoke by Island People

In other Baje news, after their well-documented troubles of the last two years when it came to the declining appeal of their parties and fetes, they have given in to the might that is Brewster’s Road (not to mention the Contact Pork Limes – which started last Friday) and switched from their long-held Friday night slot to the freer Sunday night slot – which we actually suggested they do since like, last year.

However, in waiting a year to do so, they might have left the door open for last year’s break out star – the oh-so-sweet Party Central limes which we raved about and gave the official Islandista Stamp of Approval to.

So … it remains to be seen how this Crop-Over season will play out. It all begins in earnest this weekend – we’ll let you know!

5 comments for “Barbados’ biggest Crop-Over bands launch!

  1. jokes
    June 17, 2010 at 7:50 am

    I completely agree with your comments.. and to add bajans do not seem to be bothered that they were only alloted 50 places in the trinisection in their own country, but alas if they not bothered then dat is their business.

  2. kim
    April 23, 2014 at 9:07 pm

    Pls let me know when your 2014 costumes are realease

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