New vid – Shontelle’s ‘Impossible’

To paraphrase Timbaland…

It’s been a long time… we shouldn’ta left you…

But now we’re back islandistas! And with something new – Shontelle’s video for her single Impossible. Check it below and then our take on it after the cut.

Really liking it. It helps that it’s a nice ballad and her male lead Steph Jones (aka Jordin Sparks’ boyfriend) is nice on the eyes too!

The overall theme isn’t anything super-original – girl getting ready to leave guy because of relationship woes but the twist of him being too focused on his music career to focus on her or support her own musical dreams, is cute.

And she looks really lovely- I don’t know if she’s put back on a bit of weight to round out her face a bit or if it’s just the make-up but she looks much softer than she has in quite a few years. Good look all around Shon!

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  1. March 28, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    Check out a High Quality version on

    & Look out for an HD Youtube embed releasing on Vevo hopefully tomorrow, please update post when it’s out 🙂 Thanks

    – SRP Records

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