Oh Ayiti…

There are no words we really have tonight to express the sorrow and dread we feel for our Caribbean sisters and brothers in Haiti after the earthquake which hit hours ago.

I’m sure every true Caribbean person felt the same way: “Why Haiti? Of all places, why Haiti?”

Is like … oh gawd nah… dey cyan get a lil bligh? Not even a lil one?

We’re heartbroken. We’re afraid of what horrors daylight will reveal. We’re vex and want to shake our fists at the powers that be, both spiritual and temporal, who seem to have turned their backs on Toussaint and Dessalines’ proud republic.

And the lyrics of the bard of Trinidad David Rudder’s song rings even truer tonight in our heads.

Haiti we’re sorry,

Haiti we’re so sorry.

One day we’ll turn our heads

Restore your glory.

Mwen desole Ayiti.

3 comments for “Oh Ayiti…

  1. Njay
    January 13, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    You took the words out of my mouth, down to the David Rudder song. It breaks my heart whenever Haiti goes through some new trial.

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