Ri-ri getting kissy with new man?

Can the choir say AMENNN?

Photo credit: SplashNewsOnline/TMZ.com

It seems after the annus horriblis of 2009, Rihanna is finally moving on in loveĀ  – in fact, in Combermerian style, she’s moving up and on, since her new man, L.A. Dodgers baseball player Matt Kemp, definitely seems like an upgrade.

According to gossip sources, she has been spotted out with him on several occasions recently, including Christmas shopping and out at a comedy club.

And now today, they were photographed together heading out at L.A.X Airport and TMZ posted some blurry pics a while ago seemingly of them getting kissy. Plus Rihanna fan site Rihanna Daily has some snaps of them getting steamy in a hot tub.

Interestingly enough, within hours, pictures leaked of her ex Chris Brown looking couple-y with a chick that people are saying is new Guyanese-Canadian N.E.R.D. member Rhea.

So he’s still into Caribbean (and more specifically part-Guyanese) chicks still then? Please, do leave out the islandistas.

More pics of Rihanna and her may be new boo under the cut.

Photo credit: Rihanna Daily.com

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