Solid gold at ‘A Night on Tracks’

The triumvirate of track. (All photo credits:

It was solid gold night on Sunday night in Kingston when Jamaican track star Asafa Powell hosted his charity event ‘A Night on Tracks with Asafa Powell and Friends’ at the Indoor Sports Centre.

And those friends? Pure stars.

Talk about stars! Both on and off the stage it was a night of island fabulousness at its best – in attendance were a bevy of Olympic and World Chamionship medalling islandistas, including an Islandista favourite, the cute likkle Shelly-Ann Fraser, Brigitte Foster-Hylton and Shericka Williams.

Go dehhh Shelly in your hot red and leopard print dress!

Brigitte Foster-Hylton kicks it with Gay.

Shericka Williams (at left) with a friend, enjoying the show.

Of course, the big man Usain Bolt turned out to support his friend, as did the other sprinter right up there in the triumvirate of elite male sprinters right now, American Tyson Gay… who we surprisingly actually really like, despite not having much fondness for American sprinters in general. He just seems like a really gracious and good guy, especially coming after a long line of cocky chest pounders like Mo Greene and slimy drug cheats like Tim Montgomery and Justin Gatlin.

Jamaican socials also came out like Chris Dehring (the real big man if you talking bout loading money hand over fist) and the ever-popular former Miss Jamaica World, Yendi Phillips.

Yendi Phillips (center) hangs out with Powell (left) and Gay (right).

LIME VP Chris Dehring (left) with Gay and a friend.

They also had some of our favourite islandista singers on the stage – Tessanne Chin (our favourite of the Chin/Chyns, if truth be told), Alaine and Cherine Anderson.

Cherine Anderson performing.

Alaine was there too.

The fabulous and talented Tessanne Chin.

Fantastic. Loves it.

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3 comments for “Solid gold at ‘A Night on Tracks’

  1. ELFOS
    December 23, 2009 at 6:29 pm

    Simply, breathtaking!!!

  2. December 23, 2009 at 8:06 pm

    Seemed to be great.
    Isn’t it time Yendi and Powell make it official.

  3. Ronnie
    December 24, 2009 at 2:05 am

    Effing fabulous!!!!!!
    Show dem that island folk know class too yuh know!

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