Fashion Week T&T gets underway

So Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago is underway and so far the few reports we are getting in are mixed.

Basically in a nutshell – love the clothes, hate the congestion.

That has been the consensus from both Caribbean Fashion Style Journal and Judette Coward-Puglisi’s 5 a.m. at Mango Media blogs.

The folks at CFStyle were not happy about some of the organisational glitches on the opening night – they had issues with getting accreditation, ticket-holders could not get into the event because it was full and the traffic scene outside of the Hyatt was federation, apparently.

For her part, Judette noted that the pre-event cocktail ceremony was in a too-small room, leading guests to feel ‘claustrophobic’ and designers were forced to stand because there was not enough seating.

However, both were agreed that the show itself – which is of course what it is all about – was sizzling.

CFStyle described it as a “tight and hitchless showing” while Judette declared that:

“[The] debut night of FWTT  was  so hot, it practically caused a  fire  with all the  Caribbean style,  fresh faces and  nubile bodies.”

We have gotten a glimpse of some of the pics from CFStyle, including Heather Jones fantastic wedding collection and thus far we would have to agree. But what do you think?

Heather jones





In other interesting tidbits from FWTT, soca star Machel Montano and reigning Miss T&T Universe Anya Ayoung-Chee will make their designing debuts tonight and tomorrow night respectively. Machel’s line is called Boi Boi and Anya’s is called Pilar, in honour of her brother who died in a traffic accident two years ago.

Designer Claudia Pegus made changes to her ready to wear line CPFS which she was bringing back after a 6 year break. Initially, the line was to be called Illusions, in reference to the idea that Pegus’ reputation as a couturier has obscured the fact that she also does ready to wear.

“It was supposed to be fun and beautiful and light,” she told 5 a.m.

However, after her harrowing robbery last Friday, the tone of the line has become much darker and is titled Trapped instead.

“After the incident, I felt (and still feel) emotionally drained and as I resumed work the pieces in the collection began to take a different form. On hearing the news of what happened, many people called to commiserate. As we spoke I began to realise how many of my friends and even acquaintances had been direct victims of crime. Many are living in fear. It’s like we all feel trapped. The well to do and the middle class are trapped, no matter how high the wall or strong the burglar proof. Perhaps even the bandits are trapped in their ignorance and their environment. But mostly I felt that my sense of safety and my well being had been ripped away.”

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  1. June 1, 2009 at 4:16 am

    Picks are really very nice .. I like the most in white as white dress is really very attractive.

  2. Karamelk Kiss
    June 1, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    On behalf of the family, I sincerely thank you for recognising and appreciating the work that we do.

    Best wishes for your continued success!!

    KArima Mckenzie-Thomas

    PR and Brand Coordinator

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