Getting Crop-Over-ish in this crank…

Slowly but surely, the Crop-Over season is starting to heat up.

Brewster’s Road held its first pre-Crop-Over warm up lime on Friday night and it was goooo-ood! I had friends who show up at the lime from all half hour before the 6 p.m. start and all when Saturday morning come, they were still there. Obsessive limers, I tell you…

Another Kadooment band has launched bringing the tally to three. DJ Andre ‘Rebel’ Elias is riding the wave of his Taboo Saturdays popularity and launching a band for the first time under his RebelVibes Entertainment banner.

The name of the band is ‘Psychomania’ and I must say, for a first time band, most of the costumes are looking quite nice. You know so often first time bands can look amateurish and a bit…ehhh.

 Photo credit: RebelVibes Entertainment

Plenty lavishly feathered headpieces up in there and you know how we feel about feathers!

I think Superbia and Ira are probably two of the best sections.

Rebel vibes- superbia - blue

Superbia (pride)/ Photo Credit: RebelVibes Entertainment

Ira (wrath)/ Photo credit: Rebel Vibes Entertainment

Ira (anger) Photo credit: RebelVibes Entertainment

 In other Crop-Over related news, Baje International has launched their ‘Baje Girl 2009’ search – deadline is May 29th. Below a quick screenshot of their ad.


Baje kills me. One of the blackest countries in the Caribbean and this is their representation of a ‘Baje’ girl? I guess a typical Baje girl isn’t quite the same as a  typical Bajan girl. Anyhoo, it could be worse… they could be Lights.

In other Crop-Over warm up news – Renee Ratcliffe’s ‘Jump’ band is launching this Friday, May 22nd so we will soon have another band in the tally.

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