Queen Fay-Ann!

Tell them that ah tough like iron

When ah done wid dem,

Dey bound to know know why mih name is Fay-Ann Lyons.

What did we say, nuh? Who could beat de lady wid de carnival baby? Not a man – or woman!

As expected, Super-preggy Fay-Ann Lyons won the Road March, sweeping all three soca titles and making her the ‘winning-est’ woman ever in Trinidad Carnival.

 The news just came through a short while ago.

She now has five titles, including an unprecedented three Road March titles – surpassing the great Calypso Rose’s two Road March titles and equalling her for back-to-back wins and a Carnival sweep.

Despite all the talk about Destra Garcia being close, in the end it was a proper cut-ass by Mummy Lyons-Alvarez, with Fay-Ann’s ‘Meet Super Blue’ getting 410 plays to Destra’s ‘Bacchanal’ a distant second with 76 plays.

Congrats Queen Fay-Ann!

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