Saucy text caused Chrihanna bust-up?

And the news just keeps on coming and coming in this Rihanna-Chris Brown assault mess.

Word from is that law enforcement sources have said that the fight (well, really beating because I don’t know how many licks Ri-ri got in but Chris seems to have gotten in more) between the couple was caused by a text message that Chris received from a woman while he and Rihanna were driving home from Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party.

From tmz:

Law enforcement sources confirm to TMZ Chris Brown received a text message from a woman while he was driving with Rihanna and that’s what started the confrontation that left Rihanna battered and bruised.

We’re told the text message was from a woman who wrote about hooking up with Brown later.

Tsk. I guess that was almost inevitable, wasn’t it? Not the beating obviously, but the signs of straying. Two such hot young people only just getting the opportunity to explore their youth and hotness is a combustible enough combination for regular folk. When you add the factor of their being basically on their own with no parental supervision that is an even more volatile situation, leading to premature domesticity and kids trying to act like old married couples when they’re really young and hormonal – trust me we’ve seen it – UWI anyone?

Worse, when they are besieged by sexual offers all the time because of their fame and their teen idol/sex symbol status – it could only end in tears.

Ending in blows, however is something else altogether…

In other Chrihanna bust up related news, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office has sent back the evidence which the LAPD sent to them today. Apparently, they want the LAPD to work on it more as they feel there is not enough evidence to charge Chris with at this point in time. Eh? you may say. Apparently they are trying to get him on a whole set of charges including domestic violence, battery etc so they need the evidence to be strong. I thought a buss face was strong evidence but I ent no legal eagle…

In other islandista news (yes, there is actually other news), we have some pics of islandistas and islandistos on the red carpet at various Grammy weekend events. Had them for a while but this Chrihanna bust up has been taking up a lot of time¬†– every time you turn your head, there’s a new ‘development’.


Up and coming Bajan singers Shontelle and Hal Linton both hit the New Era party with Akon.


Love Shon’s hot pink skirt, not fond of the black camisole. And you’re still too thin hon – please put on a leeeetle more weight.

Actually like Hal’s look, even the extra-pointy faux-hawk which is shocking since I DESPISE the trend of faux-hawks – it has generally gotten out of control but Hal rocks it well here – looks funky and like he’s doing ‘him’. Good church boy that he actually is, he’s probably¬† really doing what the label advises him to do but at least it has the appearance of being individualistic.

Estelle hit up the gifting suite before the Grammys. Again in an outfit that you will either love or hate. I’ve decided to just embrace Estelle’s choices – she’s a London chick after all so she’s always going to be a bit edgy and off.


And before the madness ensued, Rihanna rocked a very cute blue dress on the red carpet at the Verizon/Blackberry pre-party.


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  1. Kitten
    March 11, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    Well……like the UWI!!!….and yes the lack of guidance is largely responsible for what transpired. these two very young individuals have been allowed to lead their own lives as if they were acomplished adults. when in fact they are just kids….kids who have yet to grow up..simply because a large portion of their teenage lives was spent building their career in a very demanding field. Rihanna herself was taken up into the R&B scene at the age of 16, aside from that she was your ever day island teenager, hanging out with the girls and talking bout boys, and just spending your day trying to get through 6th form, singing and modelling was something just done for fun and for yuh friends to rate yuh.
    She is not unique however her high profile status gives her abusive story a very large spotlight…she must now begin to take responsibily for her role in all of this, this situation just did happen to her, she allowed it too. And on top of that she is taking the easy way out….she is a caribbean role model, or supposed to be (cuz if I hear my lil sis mention dat girl name..I go beat she)…..ther needs to be a period of healing and self reflection, and the opportunity to have the terrible thing that happened to her be a story to guide other young women. Not send them back to the days when a woman took beatings because she needed a provider for her children, or because she couldn’t survive on her own.
    My responsible, for yourself and the women and girls who are your fans….this is just not about you anymore.

  2. maricia
    April 10, 2009 at 7:58 pm

    all of you need to no that caribbean woman know how to put there selves together yep

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