Fay-Ann on her pregnancy and more Obama pics

Thanks to poster bandi who not only commented on the post about Fay-Ann performing while pregnant but gave us a link to Synergy TV where there is a video posted of Fay-Ann herself performing and commenting on the reaction to her pregnancy. Fay-Ann’s message to the tut-tut-tutters?


“Somebody say I am not supposed to be performing because I am pregnant! I want allyuh to tell them for me – I am pregnant – not sick! There is a difference!”

As if to underline that, here is a clip of her performing at the Fire Fete just two weeks ago and mashing up de place, even though as she told the crowd, she can’t jump up as much because of the belly.

And moving on from soca’s First Couple to the First Couple of the United States, we just had to show you some more of the sweet and moving pictures from the Obama’s big inaugural night. Have we mentioned before that we just love this family? Love them? Love the genuine, natural affection that just emanates from them? It just makes us all want to work harder at our relationships  and ourselves, I think – you can’t get a Barack if you’re not a Michelle and vice-versa, you damn sure can’t get a Michelle if you’re not a Barack! 🙂

Pete Souza/ White House

Photo credit: Pete Souza/ White House

Pete Souza/White House

Photo credit: Pete Souza/White House

Pete Souza/White House

Photo credit: Pete Souza/White House

Cuhdear… dey too sweet!

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