Island son Eric Holder to be next US AG


Susan Walsh/AP

We can hardly keep up with the stream of island folk doing big things in music, fashion, sports and politics and we are so excited!

It is now being widely reported that US President-elect Barack Obama has offered Barbadian-descended Eric Holder the position of US Attorney General. Holder, who would be the first black US Attorney General was born to Barbadian parents in Queens, New York City in a very Caribbean enclave – so much so that he said it was only when he got older that he realised that most black Americans were not of Caribbean descent, as he and everyone else in his neighbourhood was. He traces his roots to the country parishes of St. Joseph and St. Philip, came up in a thoroughly Caribbean household, eating “rice and peas every Sunday” by his own recounting.

“I feel that I grew up partly in Barbados and partly in New York,” Holder has said.

Like many Bajan Yankees do, his parents made sure he visited ‘back home’ often and he still visits Barbados from time to time.

We should be dignified and analytical about this but yuh know what…? Rrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeee! To di worl’! We here at islandista are sooo fusssssy dennn!

As a Bajan Yankee friend of mine texted me last night “Girl, my president’s black and my AG’s Bajan!’ 

We’re loving it.

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