Et tu Milan Fashion Week?

Surely you would imagine that after all the talk in the last year about the lack of colour on the runways, and with Italian Vogue putting out their big-selling ‘all black’ issue this summer, that the runways for Milan Fashion Week would be more colourful.

Alas … not.

According to our friends at Shophound who have been following the shows in Milan (though not actually there covering as they did for NY Fashion Week), the numbers have been disappointing.

The runways at Milan Fashion Week looked kinda like this. See the one black spot?

Bottega Veneta led the way with a 17% ‘diversity quotient’ consisting of four black models and one Asian out of 28 total models.

After that, it’s all single-digit DQs. Depressing.

Way behind, was D&G, with four models of colour – three black models and one South Asian model out of 51 models in total, to have a DQ of 8.9 %.

DSquared had a DQ of 9.6% for having 2 models of colour – one black, one Asian, out of 21 models.

Gucci, which just signed Rihanna to be their spokesperson in their first ever UNICEF campaign, had a measly DQ of 4 % which represented a whopping one model of colour, out of 25.

It infuriates me how so many of these luxury brands are willing to ride on the popularity and influence¬†of black celebrities and of hip-hop culture in particular which has glorified and glamorised them but then people of colour are not good enough for their campaigns. We market them and push them but there is hardly any reciprocity and it’s not right.

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