No kiddies allowed

I noticed an interesting concept in a party I’m thinking of attending this weekend. On the Facebook flyer, it explicitly states ’21 and up, id required’.

I think this is great! Frankly, I am getting TIRED of seeing the kiddies out at every damn place I party. Call me old and miserable – cos I damn well am!  When I was 15 and 16, my tail was not out partying at clubs. My social life consisted of the movies, fast food joints, day-time limes at friends’ houses (under their parents’ supervision) and occasionally a boat cruise that finished at about 10. So why de hell I should be tripping up on the teenyboppers when I’m out? Can someone tell me why?

I don’t get it – why the hurry to be out in the club when you can’t even legally drink? All it does is make them look old and dragged down before their time – I see some of these 15 y-o bunnies out partying it up that look older than me – all the make-up clogging up their pores, smoking and drinking got them haggard as hell.

So I like this concept. I like it a lot and I hope they damn well stick to it. NO TEENY-BOPPERS ALLOWED! No sah! It would be lovely to have a grown and sexy party for once.

3 comments for “No kiddies allowed

  1. Crazysexycool
    May 30, 2008 at 12:40 pm

    I totally agree! I get so tired when I go out and see one set a little pickney that are just posturing and trying to be more adult than they are – and of course making a mess of it – talking too loud, not holding their liquour etc etc.
    A wha do dem? Why they can’t just cool themselves and enjoy dem youth?

  2. Jane Grind
    July 7, 2008 at 10:51 am

    whilst i agree with you…remember that a lot of the Caribbean party people who are 21 and over simply do not act grown so to my mind it kind of defeats the whole purpose of the fete.

  3. Nedster
    July 8, 2008 at 11:53 am

    At Crazysexycool, I agree completely. As the old folks say “Dem meking demself ole befo da time” I’m 26 and could pass for 19 maybe even 18 lol, but I attribute that to God and the fact that I didn’t start partying til I was actually 19 or 20. Half of them teeny-boppers look way drag down and I hate to see them out at de bar actin so damned force-ripe. Stupsssee. Not to mention the risks of older people preying on them at these events. That is why I love Xtreme, if ya look too young ya got to show that ID, and it betta be a blue one. lol

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